In many parts of the world pastors, and church leaders, can't afford to leave their village, let alone leave to attend Bible College or Seminary. This is especially true in parts of the world where the Gospel has only recently been heard for the first time. These men and women have been called by God to serve Him, but very often they lack the tools needed to completely fulfill God's call on their lives. The purpose of 2nd Wave Ministries is to help equip local Christian leaders, through training conferences, to reach their nation with the life transforming, Good News of Jesus Christ.

​The curriculum used is in three parts. 

The first is called "The Essentials of Christian Leadership" and focuses on what leaders need to do to be spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally healthy. When they are, they can be the leaders that God has called them to be so that they can work with the Lord in His mission to the world. This curriculum also includes sections on essential Christian doctrine.

The second part is on “Church Growth” and is based on Acts chapter 2 where the Holy Spirit organized a church that was healthy. When churches are spiritually healthy, then the Lord can grow His Church.

Part 3 is a curriculum on “Evangelism” and teaches about the necessity and the process of “Making disciples of all people.”

2nd Wave Ministries is also involved in Christian humanitarian projects such as feeding programs, orphanage support and church building programs. (When able and when needed)