Finish What You Start

I’ve always been told to finish what I’ve started. So, God willing, I will be heading back to Thiotte, in the mountains of Haiti, to teach on Church growth in May. We are expecting even more than our previous 200 pastors and church leaders because in Haiti word spreads quickly. At the first seminar in Thiotte, which was on the Essentials of Christian leadership, some pastors and church leaders did not come because they didn’t know me and thought I would teach them some strange doctrines. However, the word is spreading that this teaching is needed to equip the local churches to do all that Jesus has called them to do in their communities. In the Jacmel area, where this course was first taught, we started with 117 people and by the third and final seminar in the series, we had around 500. The Lord is moving in mighty ways in these seminars as He corrects, encourages and even rebukes (2 Tim 4:2) these pastors and church leaders through the 2nd Wave Ministries teaching. God is so good, His Spirit is moving in mighty ways, and it is so exciting to be a part of His work in Haiti. But, you are also part of that work through your prayers and financial support. As you know, in Haiti, these pastors and church leaders need financial help to travel to the seminar and they need to be fed while there. The women of the church do an amazing job cooking for so many over charcoal stoves and all they need is the money to buy the food. I am also blessed that I usually have a desk or a small mattress to sleep on, but those who attend the seminar sleep on the concrete floors. These seminars are a sacrifice for all, but because God receives the glory it is all worthwhile.

God willing, I will return to Thiotte in the late summer or fall to finish the teaching on Evangelism. I have also been invited to begin another conference in Arcahaie, which is north of Port-au-Prince. This again will involve pastors and church leaders of many denominations so I am trusting that the Lord will make a way, and give me the time, to go there.

While in Thiotte, I also plan on visiting a church about 20 minutes away that is basically falling down. They are still using it, but it is dangerous to do so. These small churches are really the center of their communities. They are used by the Lord to be the centers of hope, of preaching and teaching the gospel and also where the food programs and schools can be found. It will cost around $25,000 USD to rebuild, but God willing the money can be raised and a team can go down and help the locals rebuild their church. So, please keep this project in your prayers. As always, thank you for your continuing support and for your prayers that make this work possible.

May all of you have a blessed Easter as you focus on our Living Lord and may His peace truly shine in your hearts.

Pastor Jonathan

2nd Wave Ministries

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