Thanks for your Prayers

Thanks to everyone’s prayers for this trip to Jacmel, Haiti because prayers were certainly needed. There was a lot of opposition in the natural realm to this conference on Evangelism ever beginning.

It all began when my plane from Toronto to Montreal was stuck at the gate for an hour and a half because of a mechanical problem. The issue was that I only had one hour to get from that plane to the one to Port au Prince. I was sure I had missed it because when I arrived at the gate, I was an hour late and the last person there. Needless to say...I previously gave the situation to the Lord in prayer and miraculously the plane had waited.

In Haiti, problems were happening as well. Pastor Placide’s radiator blew about 20 miles outside of Jacmel on the way to pick me up. He had to catch a ride on a motorcycle back to town and rent a tap-tap van to get to the airport.

The next day, the bus that was to make four to five trips to Port au Prince to pick up the conference participants broke down. The accelerator cable had snapped and the power steering pump was broken. Thankfully, I took some extra money to help pay for a rented bus.

The cable was fixed a few days later but Pastor Placide was told that the pump was no good. He felt to take it to another mechanic for a second opinion and on his way, he felt the Lord say to him, “It is good.” So, he turned around and told the first mechanic to put it back on the bus anyway. Miraculously, the pump worked just fine.

It seemed to be nothing but mechanical problems that arose which threatened the conference taking place but I know that they came from principalities and powers in high places because the enemy does not want the gospel message spread. Both Pastor Placide and myself could feel the opposition, and the spirit of confusion, so we stood in agreement and interceded using the authority that the Lord has given to all of His followers.

We prayed until we could feel that there was a breakthrough and because of prayer, and the provision of the Lord, the mission was accomplished.

There were around five hundred participants, who eagerly listened to the teaching and were very excited about going out into their communities to tell others about the abundant life and the everlasting life that Jesus offers everyone.

If only one person comes to faith in Jesus because of this conference, despite the problems, it will have been a very successful trip, but I know that the Lord will use those who attended to reach many in their nation with the transforming Good News and transforming power of Jesus.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support. 2nd Wave Ministries is a team effort and the Lord uses all of us to accomplish His will around the world.

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