The Invitation

I think that all of you will agree that receiving an invitation to attend an event is something special. That is how I felt at the end of my last teaching trip to Haiti in February. As many of you will remember, this teaching conference had its share of obstacles that had to be overcome and by the grace of God, it ended up being very successful. However, I must admit that I was looking forward to heading back home to some Canadian comfort.

Driving along the road, as I was contemplating the plane ride home, Pastor Placide asked me, “Would you like to come back in July?” I knew in my heart that the Lord wanted me to go back again, but my mind diverted my eyes to the overhead console in his old Nissan Patrol where I saw that the temperature was 34 degrees. “In July?” I said, “How hot will it be here then?” With a smile on his face he said, “Hotter than it is today,” and added, “But, I will make sure that you have at least three fans.” Now, those of you who have travelled to Haiti know that the fans are only good when the electricity works and I knew that Pastor Placide was only joking. I also knew that I had to go back to do the Lord’s work there no matter the conditions.

In their denomination (The Evangelical Christian Church of Haiti), they have an annual conference in the summer and the leadership had requested that I return to teach on Evangelism as part of the 2nd Wave Ministries training curriculum. Not only would the pastors and church leaders be there, but many from the congregations would be there as well. The numbers could range anywhere from 600 to 1200 attendees. In the past, so many have been in attendance that they have had to close off the street in front of the church and erect tarps to keep the summer rains off as many people as possible.

As with any invitation, I am honored to be invited back to a place that needs as much training and support as possible. Many times, a group of Haitian believers will meet and after a time of prayer they will ask one of those Christians to be the pastor. Often, this individual is thrown in the deep end of ministry and they don’t know where or how to begin. So, it is an honor and a privilege to help them in their God given calling.

I am also honored to have you here in Canada who support this ministry financially and through prayer. So, please pray for this conference in July that the Holy Spirit would use the words of the teaching to help our Haitian brothers and sisters reach their nation for Jesus. Things are hard there, but God’s love and grace are so much greater than anything that they have to endure.

In His service


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